Happy Strings Project

The Happy Strings Project is an initiative and passion project started by Misty Karen Antatico, created for the purpose of providing fun and quality programs and events that promote the appreciation of the ukulele in Cagayan de Oro City.

Misty desires to build a community of children and even adults, who are interested in learning more about the ukulele. She aims to provide fun, easy, memorable, and valuable material for her ukulele programs, and the occasional workshops she organizes.

Why The Ukulele? 

Aside from Misty’s deep love for the instrument, she believes in her heart that the ukulele is the perfect instrument to start with for children.

The size and portability make it easier for children to handle and bring around. It is an instrument that they can play while singing. It is excellent as a solo or an ensemble (a group) instrument, a good starting platform for musical literacy and a tool for developing ear-training. Plus, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other instruments.

The Happy Strings Project hopes to celebrate and promote the joy of the ukulele and the pleasure to enjoy the music it creates.