Aside from the first story I wrote when I was 12, I was mostly fond of writing love poems. I was a hopeless romantic, and would always find ways to channel all my ~feelings~ into words. This was one of my early ones. I wrote them when I was 15 years old. Here is the poem in its original, raw form.


Once in my life I met someone like you

You were so friendly, so cool, and true

I’d never thought we’d be good friends

But I guess that’s the way it happens

Even before we met

I knew there was something in you I won’t forget

Your lips, your smile, and your eyes

Above all, the kindness you showed me

Then I realized

I was falling for you

And now I’m wondering what I’ll do?

I wasn’t expecting to have this feeling

Coz I never knew what was coming

Looks like Cupid’s arrow struck my heart

And it’s like he really struck it hard


Now I’m kinda getting freak out

When it’s you they’re talking about.


When you said you wanna be with me

I don’t know if that could possibly be

We’re miles away from each other

But you know, it doesn’t really matter.

You were right when you said

Nobody understands the reason why we met

But we know right from the start

God put us together, to be friends by heart

Friends? Yeah, friends

But is it there where it ends?

I don’t know

Other says, in friendship love starts to grow

Now I’m getting totally mixed up

Then my wee heart shouted, ‘hey, wait up!’

‘If you really love him, you’d have to wait

Coz love has its time, it’s never too early, nor too late [11:32 PM]

[12:02 AM 05/31/04]

And so I have decided,

This feeling of mine ought to be guided

[12:31 AM 05/31/04]

Coz if we really are destined to be together

God will never allow to part us, ever! [9:41 PM]

What do you think?

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