Day 16: My Dream House

Okay, I know I should be writing about my dream house, but I figured it was easier for me to show what I’d like my dream house to have. (Plus I suck at describing things. lol)

Anyway, I love Japanese Inspired homes. They’re minimalistic, and there is just that air of serenity when you’re in one. So, the design of my dream house will most probably be Japanese inspired.

On the top of my head, in my dream house I’d like to have a family library/study room, a simple living room, a separate study for me with a piano, the hubby’s own study and music studio/room, a modern kitchen, a tea room that will also serve as a meditation/quiet room or a zen garden,  of course the master’s bedroom with personal bathroom and walk-in closet (haha),  the children’s bedroom as well,  and a separate playroom for them.

I know, that’s one huge house, right?  But yeah, I’d like to have all those. It doesn’t have to be so big, just big enough for the family.

So finally here are some reference pictures I found online of the interior design of the house I would like. Haha, I am wondering now the overall look of my house if this was the case. Not included are the children’s bedrooms, playroom, music room, and bathroom. I could be missing some more, but for now this is just it.



2 Replies to “Day 16: My Dream House”

  1. Wow I never expected you to like zen/Japanese interior design. Good choice! I love the photos you’ve included here. 🙂

    Hmm, so this means Future Husband would be a musician? xD

    Libraries and study/reading rooms are a MUST for us, especially when the kids start learning to read and write.

    1. It was actually just recently that I realized I love it. I wanted the super minimalist design before. But I’m glad I had a change of heart. Haha! And omg, yeaaah, Future Husband could be? Actually, all the while I was thinking of Miguel. Haha! But who knows? 😛 LOL

      And yes libraries are a must! 😀

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