Day 11: My Favorite TV Shows

TRUTH: I am a fangirl. When I love a series, I LOVE IT. I obsess about it over a long period of time and it takes a while for me to get over it.

So here are some of the TV Shows that I STILL obsess about:


SMASH – This is my ultimate favorite series ever. EVER. Smash is an American musical drama TV series by NBC. It revolves around the Broadway world, where you can see how seasoned writers, composers, producers, and artists of all kinds give birth to a musical, which in this series is centered on Marilyn Monroe’s life. But later on in the second season, a new musical is introduced,  written and composed by a pair of young newcomers. There’s a whole lot more in stored for you in this series aside from the plot, you can look forward to the music, yes especially the music, the creativity and just the genius of the team who made it. Most of the cast are veteran Broadway performers, some are key people in the Broadway community playing as themselves! And oh my gosh, Katherine McPhee & Megan Hilty are sensational!  It’s really exciting and very, very inspiring.  I can’t express more my deep love and appreciation for this show. It’s brilliant. It’s definitely a must-watch!

SPOILER ALERT: Jeremy Jordan is there! <3


Firefly +  Serenity – Firefly was my gateway to scifi series. It’s not exactly full-on scifi, more like a mix of scifi and fantasy really.  There are only 14 episodes, and a follow-up movie called Serenity. It still  warms my heart each time I remember the Serenity(the name of the ship) crew. As you watch episode by episode, you will grow to love each of the characters. They were all such amazing bunch. *tear*

David Tennant on DW

Doctor Who – In a gist, yes. What David Tennant (10th Doctor)  said above. Doctor Who is another scifi fantasy series I got into since last year. It started slow for me and my boyfriend, and then later on we realized how addicting it was and just couldn’t stop watching. Packed with adventures, drama and life — oh so full of life. You just have to try watching it.


Castle –  As recommended by a friend, my boyfriend and I watched Castle to move on from Firefly + Serenity. ( T_T ) It stars Nathan Fillion as well, but his character there is so different from his character in Firefly. We immediately loved him and Stana Katic, who plays opposite him, and as his love interest. This is probably like your  typical detective/crime series, although not really, because it’s more fun and captivating — not just the plot, but the characters as well.


FRIENDS –  I will never, ever, get tired of this series.  This is my feel-good series to go to, starting a few years back. I actually downloaded all 10 seasons and marathon-ed it, and watched it over and over again. It’s just sad that the external drive where my copy was saved got corrupted. 🙁 I’m contemplating whether to download it all again. Maybe I should.


Downton Abbey – The only British period drama that got me hooked. Everything about this series is just intense. But the characters are all so endearing, from the downstairs to the upstairs. Well actually, except for a few. Ah, everyone’s there in the picture above. So nice to see those lovely faces again. And yes, fair warning, Julian Fellowes, the creator of this series, also belongs to George RR Martin’s school of writing. Go figure.

Honorable Mentions

Barry Allen    Grant-Gustin-as-Barry-Allen-Cast-Promotional-Season-1-002

The Flash – Because Barry Allen is such a cutie. Haha. No, really, I’m serious. That’s why I started watching this. Look at that cutie. LOL. And Cisco is super dorky and adorable. Haha. But I hate Iris though. Ugh.


Gotham – Because James ‘Jim’ Gordon is such a BAMF! And Penguin, oh Penguin, you clever, clever boy! And E. Nigma, you are my adorable little nerd. UGH! I just love back-stories! The stories and the character developments of the villains of Gotham are very interesting, although few of them are probably not canon. Still, it’s so good! I’m so hooked. I can’t wait till everything unfolds.

(Also should be included here is BBC’s Sherlock, which I’m already too tired to add. I’ll just update this again later.)

Guilty Pleasure


True Blood – I know I shouldn’t even be including this here, but yeah, at some point, this series also got me hooked. Two reasons: 1.) REALLY GOOD cliffhangers every fucking episode 2.) Alexander Skarsgard (I love me some Viking lol).  Seriously though, I’m really not into very masculine men. He’s the ONLY exception. I mean, come on, just take look at that.

Alexander Skarsgard

So yeah, that ends my fangirling. Haha. Well I did warn you. Sort of. XD

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry, as much as I did writing it!

What are your favorite TV shows? 😀

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  1. Haha! I am a crazy fangirl. xD But I’ve know some who are crazier! I was going to include some animated series also like you did, but I thought it might even take me longer to finish the entry. :))

    And yes, I HIGHLY recommend SMASH. I think you’ll love it. 😀

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