Just alive.

Hello, friends. It’s been so long since I showed up here.

For a while, I debated if I wanted to keep this blog or not, since I don’t really update it so much. On the other hand, I don’t want to regret losing my domain again. I actually changed the domain of this blog from everydaymisty.co to mistykaren.com. The latter was my domain since 2016, but I lost it when I failed to renew it after a year. I couldn’t and didn’t get it back until just this year. I got it right away for the next 2 years. As for my old domain name, everydaymisty.co, I’ll be letting that one go.

So, what now? Nothing much will change here, really. Well, there’s nothing MUCH to be changed in the first place.

My days have been filled with a lot of music, cats, Bangtan, and ice cream. All of which brings me a lot of comfort and happiness.

With how we’re living through this pandemic, I don’t think anything excites me a lot these days. Well, except for Bangtan content drops and events. I guess that really is one of the top things that keeps me happy these days.

I do the usual everyday things. I make time to write, read, and do music. Even doing chores is a good distraction. Sometimes, I nap a lot more than necessary, but, I guess that’s okay, too.

We do whatever helps us fight off the everyday agony of living in these times, completely unsure of everything. These are all the things that we can do.

I’m remembering what Namjoon said in his birthday Vlive last month, and how he’s also been struggling with facing each day. But he continues to move and fight and just do what he can, no matter how mundane it is.

That’s really it. It’s not exactly bad, but not altogether good at the same time. It’s just that–just alive.

I know everyone is doing their best to survive. I hope you can get all the strength and courage to live on each and everyday. I am rooting for all of you.

Published by Misty

Writer-in-progress. Keeping reading and writing a consistent part of my life.

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