Another writing challenge?

I have recently purchased a license for Scrivener after putting it off for how many months, thanks to Joel of @fictionalfates, an amazing booktuber whom I’ve been following since last year. I watched a video of his writing process and setup on Scrivener, and enticed me to organize my writings as well. It also helped a lot that I got a discount because I used my university email!

The past few days, I have been organizing all my drafts and migrating them on Scrivener. I will share my setup here next time, along with my first impressions on using it after a week or a month. A month would be better, I think. That should be enough time for me to get to know the program.

When the year started, I’ve been thinking and overthinking how I am going to kickstart my writing habit. Eventually, I made the simple decision of documenting my daily morning routine, which involves doing my devotional and writing my morning pages.

It worked for a while, until around February where I stopped documenting it, and completely lost my momentum.

It didn’t help as well that I went through some early pregnancy issues that took a lot of my mental & emotional energy, that I could not spare any more space in my head on writing about it. I mean, to be quite honest.

Also, I felt uncomfortable writing about it, as it meant a lot of introspecting and digging deep, which could likely lead to me spiraling. True story. It also reminded me of the events that happened last year. I’ll talk about this in a different post. It’s quite a long emotional story, and I’m not ready to go through it today.

As a distraction, I read books, played Hades, watched a LOT of Kdrama, created coffee content for YT & Instagram, posted about my cats, and did some work. It worked for a while, I guess, but there was always that nagging feeling of wanting to face the pages, untangle my thoughts, and put the words down.

And, so, finally, today, I decided to just start writing something. It doesn’t have to be about everything that happened, or the drafts that I’ve put off–just something fun, quick, and maybe spontaneous.

I looked back on the posts that I made several years ago that made me enjoy writing and posting, and it was from a writing challenge.

I did it with someone a few years back, and even then I didn’t finish it on the scheduled deadline, but at least I still managed to finish it. Doing those writing prompts was fun and I remember just how easy and carefree I was on writing them, and, I think, that’s what I need right now. Less overthinking, more writing.

I don’t have a set # of prompts or days that I’ll be doing them. Instead, I’ve selected a few from various writing challenges I saw and compiled them on Scrivener. I’d like to do it daily, but that might not be realistic, so for now, the goal is to at least write 2 for each week.

I’m hoping that getting Scrivener would help me in keeping up with this challenge. It did give me some peace of mind knowing all my writing ideas and drafts are now in one place–easily navigated, and accessible.

Now, then, I’ll see you on my first writing prompt!

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Writer-in-progress. Keeping reading and writing a consistent part of my life.

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