Finding some relief in a warm drink

I’m currently on our dining table after just having made myself some hot calamansi juice. Mmm~

I’ve been nursing a cold for 3 days now, and it has made me a bit paranoid. So, now, I’m trying my best to get better as soon as possible. Eating more vegetables, getting better sleep, and drinking more fluids. I don’t have a cough though, but I may have a slight fever. I’m just watching my body as closely as possible.

But this afternoon, I’m feeling a little better. Must be the hot calamansi juice. It’s really soothing and helps clear up my nose a little bit. I also think that being in our bedroom with the AC on is making me feel worse, that’s why I’m just out here in the dining for now.

I have a piano student later at 4pm, and while waiting, I’m just going over some work stuff. Hopefully I can schedule all the content and be free for the rest of the week. I just really want to rest, also to catch up on our book club reading. We’ve already postponed for 2 sessions, so the pages have piled up and I haven’t been reading our book. We’re still on The Iliad. We’re supposed to read from books 11-17. That’s about 200+ pages before Saturday. It’s doable, given if I read through it straight. It’s been a struggle, obviously. But, I’m not going to give up yet. I’ll finish all the tasks for work and get it out of the way so I can focus on catching up.

I’ve been learning a lot of interesting new things in this one relatively new hobby I’ve started just last year. I haven’t learned much from doing things on my own, so I decided to join a virtual community which I can learn from. I’m getting more excited to get really into it! I’m saving up for gears that I might be needing. Nothing big, but it’s something that I think will really help me in my journey in learning and becoming better at it.

Sorry to be so cryptic. Haha! It’s just nice to keep a little something for myself. Just for now. Although I have shared a little bit on this hobby on my social media in the past.

I’ll share more openly about it in the future.

I’m still thinking on ideas for some weekly stuff that I can do in this blog. Something that will motivate me to be more regular in posting here.

Any ideas?

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