A peek of the things that I’ve been up to

This morning I decided that I will finally write something new in this blog.

When I shared this a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I intend to make this a space where I can share writing pieces that I’ve been working on. And I haven’t. I am aware. The thought gnaws at me every single day.

I have been overthinking. What’s new? Haha! But another reason is that I was out of it in the past weeks and just have not been feeling too share-y with my life or my thoughts.

Going through some pains and frustrations isn’t pretty. I don’t like showing it, or even talking about it, but I go through it, I process, in ways that I can. And in this period of time when the world is suffering so much, it seems talking about my pain is just too petty, or minute in comparison, you know what I mean? I know, I know. My pain is valid, I know that much. It’s just that, I don’t want to add more negativity out there, you know?

So, what is up?

Aside from the daily grind of work, usual stuff, I am still working on some writing drafts that I’ve done in my creative writing class with Isa. I am still not ready to share it, though, I do want to, but I feel like it’s still so raw and messy–my personal essays usually are.

I also partnered up with a friend to work on our writing habits last week. What we do is jump on a voice call, and work together on our writing in silence, and afterwards read each other’s work, and offer comments or just share what we thought about it. She’s working on an article for this K-drama series that she wants to share on Facebook, and for my part, I’m working on an alternate perspective of the fairy tale, Three Little Pigs.

This is a piece we did for fun in class, to experiment on voice, tone, and point of view, and to break the heaviness from writing my personal essays. It is told from the perspective of the wolf. I’m almost finished, but I just can’t seem to think of how to end it. Endings are always a struggle for me. I can’t figure out how to make that landing. So I’m a bit stuck.

I am also on my 3rd month of teaching online. I didn’t think it would work out well, but it did. Although, honestly, teaching ukulele online is a lot harder than teaching piano, but I’m working through it. I’ve been on a teaching break for almost a year, and now, coming back to it made me realize that it does give me a different sense of fulfillment. It’s tough at times, but it’s truly rewarding.

I still have a lot of things that needed to be worked on but I don’t want to go into the details of it. Mostly for work. So much writing and creating content. Sometimes it’s frustrating and boring, but I do get a kick out of learning new things and stretching my creativity. Haha. So, it balances out.

My reading has been on pause for about 3 weeks now because of that. I’m still in the middle of Joy Kogawa’s “Obasan”. Although, our book club, A Reader’s Niche has been fun. We’ve been discussing A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I’ve finished rereading it last June, and my 3 other friends are reading it for the first time. The discussions get so intense, but I value the candidness of the thoughts shared about the book, and I’m learning so much from them. We’re about to do our last session this Sunday before we embark on a new book! I’m excited about that.

And speaking of books, I have also been shopping for new ones! All the books I ordered are by local authors though. I realized that I lack so much titles from Philippine writers in my collection and I really should start supporting them. I’m already looking forward to start reading them! I’ll share the titles once all of the packages arrive this week.

There’s a lot that I want to share still, but I’ll save it for next time.

Just one other thing:

I know we’re all trying to survive this terrible pandemic, and how we cope may be different from one another, and that’s okay. As long as you’re not hurting anyone.

The world, our country, our community, even our own families, at the very least need our kindness and patience. I hope and pray that we all do our best to at least offer that. Everything will pass. And when this horrible time does, let memories of love and kindness that we offered each other be one of the things that remain.

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