Finding my way back

“To what once was and to what no longer is. I cannot promise to forget but I can promise to look back less often. Time erodes all memory, even the memory of feeling.”

Isa Garcia, Like Lines on A Map

When I saw this book launched and released last year, I knew I had to get it. Along with this quote which I read on Twitter, I feel it just speaking to me and reeled me into Isa’s stories.

The moment I heard of Isa Garcia the first time on Arriane Serafico’s The Purposeful Creative podcast way back early 2017, I was quickly drawn to her heart and soul.

Isa Garcia wields her words so beautifully and puts them together with such grace and careful intention. When I read this book, I was overcome with so much nostalgia, and felt the rush of those fond memories of my own past relationships, with my friends, family, and strangers.

The stories that Isa Garcia wrote here about all the individuals and the moments they shared together made me reflect on all the encounters that I had in my life as well. And yes, some were pleasant, some were not, but it made me look back at who the person I was then and now, and how these individuals had an influence in shaping me.

Isa’s stories resonated deep into my soul and I have nothing but a renewed outlook towards my memories and everyone in it, and I am grateful, for them, and for all the moments we shared and the memories we made.

Early on in my life I have already learned and accepted that nothing is permanent in the world, be it things, or people.

I believed that every person who walks in and out of my life has a purpose, whether that purpose serves me or them, or for whatever purpose that encounter serves.

With all that, life will just go on. We push forward towards our journeys and keep on weaving our individual stories.

Whether each of those stories crossovers from one to another, when we know our path, and choose to take it, all the other delays, detours, and stops are temporary, because we know where we are going.

I know where I am going, and I think that’s what matters, in the end.

All those people, those memories, they may lead to different places in our life, but in one way or another, they are like lines on a map that lead us to where we should be.

Many, many, years back when I wanted to be a writer, I wish I could have an influence like Isa. The way she writes is something that I loved before. You know how sometimes people make it sound so tedious when they talk about their own thoughts and experiences? In Isa Garcia’s case, she does it in a way that it resonates deeply to your soul, that you get the feeling, that, yeah, I feel that too, that yes, someone’s finally put into words what I’m feeling!

Though, the thing is, I want to be able to do that, too–to have the right words to say what I feel or think, that I don’t have to quote someone else just to express myself.

Sometimes words escape me. Or I don’t know, maybe my thoughts are always in disarray, and it’s only when I have this strong emotion that’s dominating my entire being I am able to really express myself the exact way that I mean to. Does that make sense?

My on and off journaling these past years has helped me to express without holding back, and I think that it’s good, and sometimes I don’t think it’s a good idea, as well? Trying to find that balance is a bit tricky, but that’s why I intend to explore that more here.

I opened this blog to learn and re-learn how to hold and wield my words more carefully and intentionally. I lack in so many aspects that I find and admire in writers that I love, but I will try, with all my might to find my way back in writing, even if it’s just for me.


Like Lines On A Map by Isa Garcia is just one of the first books that I have chosen to read in my TBR list of Filipina authors. You can follow her on WordPressFacebook, and Twitter.

If you have any suggestions on which books I should read, you can post it in the comment section below. 

Featured image is from bookstagram/stationery IG @everydaymisty.

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