Sunday epiphanies at Pulangbato Falls

Last Sunday, my husband and I went out to look for the Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia, Negros Oriental.

Everyday Misty, Misty Karen, Pulangbato Falls
QxM at Pulangbato Falls, Valencia, Negros Oriental

In my 4 years of schooling plus 2 years of working here in Negros Oriental, I’ve never gone to that falls, ever. I’m glad that my first time going there is with my husband. ❤️

He was the one who really wanted to go, in the morning right after church, but we didn’t go until about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I was complaining that it was still hot out, but still went out with him, begrudgingly. 😛

In the end, I’m glad I did. It was a nice place—unexpectedly more developed than I thought, and a good place to chill and read.

I chose to bring Isa Garcia’s Like Lines On A Map for this trip as I’ve been enjoying it for a couple of weeks already. And I’ve been thinking a lot about doing a similar thing that she did in this book.

In this book, Isa talks about her encounters and experiences with several individuals in her life, those who were close to her, families, students, and even strangers—those who left a strong impression, and made each of those memories, in a way, eternal.

Reading this book made me look back at several individuals I’ve encountered in my life as well—close family members, childhood best friends, temporary friendships, momentary encounters with strangers online and IRL, and I’ve thought about how they’ve made an impact in my life,  how they’ve influenced me, and how they took a part in shaping the person that I am now.  I’m nearing my 30th birthday—about a month or so from now, and among those people, who are still here? Who has moved on? Whom have I kept close? Whom have I let go of? Whom have I decided to keep within my tightly knit circle?

Moving back here in Dumaguete, and being at this new stage in my life has somewhat tested my ties with the people I value and love. Some of them I have not kept in touch in a while, and there is that hesitation and guilt that because life has pulled me in different directions the past few months, I wasn’t sure that it was a valid reason for not being able to connect with them. I try to keep myself accountable with all my decisions and responsibilities, and that took so much of my mental energy, honestly. Even talking to other people exhausts me so much. But, relationships need work, and communication is vital in keeping it alive. That, I know, and will also hold myself accountable for.

In all those months, I’m just so thankful that God’s grace has been so sufficient. I did not long or want for much because somehow, everything was enough. More than enough, even. I felt peace in my heart and contentment in my life. Maybe that’s why I never sought out for anyone. But yes, I know, I know. That I should take care of my relationships. I just chose to tend to my own garden first.

My husband is the biggest blessing that God has given me, and I am super grateful, and will tirelessly thank Him for his life.

Along with my book, I also brought my Hobonichi journal with me, in the hopes that maybe I can do some journaling too, but I didn’t get to because I got too engulfed in my reading.

Overall, it was a good Sunday adventure—the first of our many adventures as husband and wife. ❤

Q’s shot of Pulangbato Falls.

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