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30-Day Writing Challenge

I have quite a number of nicknames because of the many group of friends I have. My full first name is Misty Karen, but on a regular basis, I go by Misty. University friends, colleagues, newly made friends and acquaintances call me that. As for my family and long time family friends, they call me Mika, which is my actual nickname. ‘Mi’  from the first two letters of Misty, and ‘Ka’ from the first two letters of Karen.  However, my childhood best friend Bianca likes to call me Mikadoodledoo, it’s funny but sweet. Haha. Some other people that I have been friends for a…

September 26, 2015 2 comments
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If there’s anything I miss the most right now, it’s waking up each early morning inside my bedroom in our old house in Cagayan de Oro. Those times that I drift away from reality, I always find myself there—moments when I was young and having not much of a care in the world. I miss the family breakfasts, especially during the weekends; just  seated around the table having coffee, or hot chocolate paired with pan de sal with peanut butter, and while eating, my mom is also getting busy in the kitchen after having gone early in the morning to the public market.…

September 24, 2015 2 comments
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I have made a lot of foolish decisions in my life. Those foolish decision has gotten me into a lot of trouble, trouble for myself and for other people. There were feelings that were also taken for granted, feelings that were hurt as a result of those decisions. Although, because of those decisions I am where I am now, and I think this is great. I am thankful that I was able to pull through those situations, and it has made me the person that I am now.  Still there are a few things that I do regret. I know…

April 22, 2015 1 comment
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Ah, I’ve been away for a bit longer than I should, very sorry about that. I have just been so busy with things and my new job in F.Un.Shop Dumaguete. F.Un.Shop (Faith Unlimited Shop) Dumaguete is the best creative music studio here in the city. (No bias.) They offer music lessons for children and adults, be it voice or musical instruments. They have the programs that I would like my future kids’ clubhouse to have!  And I am so grateful for having  been given the opportunity to work with them. I have only daydreamed about working there last year, but…

April 7, 2015 2 comments
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Okay, I know I should be writing about my dream house, but I figured it was easier for me to show what I’d like my dream house to have. (Plus I suck at describing things. lol) Anyway, I love Japanese Inspired homes. They’re minimalistic, and there is just that air of serenity when you’re in one. So, the design of my dream house will most probably be Japanese inspired. On the top of my head, in my dream house I’d like to have a family library/study room, a simple living room, a separate study for me with a piano, the hubby’s own…

March 30, 2015 2 comments
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