Life lately.

Five months has already passed since the year started and a lot has happened. While I cannot disclose every single one of them, I am assured that all of those happenings, though both sad and wonderful, not just for myself, but for others who have been involved, have been a learning experience. I have learned a lot about myself, and what I am capable of.

For the first few months this year, I have decided on my top 3 goals that I want to accomplish by the time the year ends, and as of this post I have already accomplished 2 of them. I am quite thankful that God has always been there every step of the way, challenging my patience, my humility, and my faith in Him. However, I still need a lot of work, especially with the work and ministry that has been laid out before me. Honestly, I am already a failure in this, if not for the trust that I am constantly reminding myself to put to God. I know He will sustain me.

As for the aspect of love, it has been a beautiful and exciting full 3 months and 26 days, getting to know someone again whom I’ve already known for 11 years or so. Yes, I have finally taken that leap of faith that I’ve so long wanted to take. I am filled with love and hope for many things and the future. This time, for sure, in God and with God, things will be right.


June 2016 Midway, Initao, Misamis Oriental.  Photo by Quintin Glen.




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