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2018. Too many things left unsaid. I have no regrets. If anything, I wish to have been more decisive early on in the year. But in the end, I still did make major decisions this year. I’ve also decided to listen to what I needed the most, and that is to move forward, no matter the cost. And it did cost me greatly. Still, no regrets. I am not sure if the good things can outweigh the bad ones that happened this year, but I offer my deepest gratitude to God for still letting me pull through, through it all.…

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I started my 2017 with the battle cry, BE BRAVE. It was also timely that Arriane Serafico of The Purposeful Creative released her Braver Goals Workbook. And because I have been following her for a few years now, joining in her free classes, purchasing her HMW notebook, listening to her podcast, I figured this workbook would be a great way to finally invest in myself as I continue to follow her advice on how to intentionally, and aggressively pursue passion projects.   In 3 words, my year 2017 defined: BRAVER + Intentional + Breakthrough There are so many things I…

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This entry has been sitting in my drafts for how many days now. I’ve been meaning to finish it but there’s always something that prevents me from doing so, like holiday affairs, going back to school, and getting sick. Still sick, btw. BUT, I’m finally doing [finishing] this once and for all. Inspired by Miss ArrianeĀ Serafico, I have decided to do this annually now, ideally, before New Year’s Eve, but yeah, life happened. Oh, and the guide questions are also from Miss Arriane. Just a quick look back on 2016. What are the 3 things I’m most proud of accomplishing…

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