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It was the summer of 2001 when I first wrote my own story (of sort). It was nothing amazing nor awesome. It was inspired after the teen book series Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter’s Club. My childhood bestfriend and I love the book series so much that everytime Booksale (they didn’t have a physical shop then) makes a visit in the city, we always hoard a number of those. It was also then I realized that I love to read, and eventually write. I was never good at it though. In highschool I’ve always wanted to be a part of…

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Yes, that is the name I go with. But in case you want to know, my first name is Misty Karen. I get to be called different names by different people. My family calls me by my nickname Mika /mаɪ-ka/, but few people who are close to me call me Mika /mi-ka/, Meekai or Mikay, and with my CDOTAKU family they call me Kazumi, or Ka-chan. On a regular basis though, I go with Misty. There had been so many times I have been made fun of every time they find out my name, most especially if they are Pokemon…

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