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Last Monday, I made a public declaration on my Twitter account that I will be updating my blog within this week. As I went through that day, I had that goal hanging in my mind, and just wracking my brains on what to talk about on this long overdue update. I went home straight away after getting off work, excited about what I would be sharing here. It’s a little weird for me to share things here that I’ve already written in my private diary. Though I have already accepted the fact that this blog is already like an online…

December 5, 2018 0 comment
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Tonight was fun. I went out with Q the last minute because I needed to send a package to my tito in Manila. Afterwards, we went around the mall just to check things out. Oh, but he did have to buy something at the hardware store and I, at the Japanese shop. Other than that, it was a nice night talking about our plans and goals over ice cream. I loved listening to Q talk about his creative ideas and sifting through them. We also laughed a lot over many stupid things, mostly things that he says, or new things…

July 21, 2018 0 comment
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QxM Travels: General Santos April 27 – 30, 2018 Quintin and I have always talked about traveling around the country, especially here in Mindanao. We never really made any concrete plans yet, but we do have a list of places that we want to travel to. This board, which I started last 2016 when Q and I started talking about traveling, has been dormant for a while, until this summer. Still, it is not perfectly organized and updated yet, as of this posting, but I will be improving it in the days to come. This trip to Gensan was not…

June 18, 2018 0 comment
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So, I’m alive. A little loopy still, but functioning, nonetheless. Five months have passed and this is the only time I’ve published an entry here. After how many attempts to publish one, I always end up just leaving some of it as drafts, but today, I’m finally breaking my blog hiatus. So, for those 5 months that passed, a lot of things have happened. A lot of bad and great things, which I will not talk about here, as they are personal. I’ve decided to draw some lines with how I present myself online. But more on this later. First…

June 7, 2018 0 comment
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I started my 2017 with the battle cry, BE BRAVE. It was also timely that Arriane Serafico of The Purposeful Creative released her Braver Goals Workbook. And because I have been following her for a few years now, joining in her free classes, purchasing her HMW notebook, listening to her podcast, I figured this workbook would be a great way to finally invest in myself as I continue to follow her advice on how to intentionally, and aggressively pursue passion projects.   In 3 words, my year 2017 defined: BRAVER + Intentional + Breakthrough There are so many things I…

December 31, 2017 0 comment
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On one of my previous entries, I shared about the music video that I had to do for my ICT class during the 1st semester. I thought that that was the only time I had to do a video project for school, but, I guess not. In my Natural Science class, we went on a field trip to a marine protected area where mangroves thrive. This marine protected area is located in Barangay Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. It’s more or less a 45-minute drive from the city proper. As a project for this class, we had to do a short…

December 26, 2017 2 comments
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Since it will be Christmas 8 days from now, I’ve been catching myself window shopping a lot more than usual for potential gifts for myself. Hahaha! It’s more like adding more items to my mental wishlist, really. Mental because I haven’t really put them down into writing, until now. This is a mix of things that I’ve been mulling about on getting for myself or to suggest to my loved ones if ever they may be looking into getting a gift for me, hahahaha! *cough*boyfriend*cough* LMAO Anyway, here’s my not-very comprehensive list for now. I’ll probably be updating this every now…

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